Flip Book Format!

Two unique stories in one, written from a 

manager's AND employee's perspective.

The Manager's Side
The Employee's Side

All About Days of Our Work Lives

"Days of Our Work Lives" is a single story written from two different perspectives. Designed as a flip book, it provides the reader with one angle written from the manager's view, while the other angle is written through the eyes of his employee.

Our main characters, Jack (employee) and Mark (manager), arrive at work expecting a typical day, only to discover that their office has inexplicably transformed into a set of a typical soap opera. Jack is now the star of the soap, navigating his new world while trying to find his true role. Mark is thrust into the role of the soap's director, delicately balancing the needs of his team with the pressures coming down from the network bosses.

Read the Forewords, written by some of Hollywood's finest talent!


Producer and Director | Days of Our Lives, Guiding Light and All My Children


Actress | Edge of Night, Another World, One Life to Live, and primetime credits including Dallas and Ellen

Jack Stahlmann

Jack has been a Hollywood actor and yes, a waiter. He has also been an employee for several organizations and is a corporate speaker who appears in front of many audiences nationwide.

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Mark Luis Foster

Mark has been a manager of many teams, large and small. He has decades of senior management experience at Fortune 500 companies and has started and owned several businesses.

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Watch the Interview!

TV personality Joe Schmit recently interviewed Jack Stahlmann and Mark Luis Foster about their new book. Watch the complete backstory of how this book came to be!

What Our Readers Say . . .

Perfect in every way! It hits the nail on the head, describing how a typical work place can really be akin to that of a soap opera. Very creative storytelling.


The flip book format is a great way to demonstrate different sides of everyday corporate American life -- with a manager thinking one way and the employee thinking another.


It is a very fun read. The authors have done a fabulous job of capturing the problems we all encounter on the job, with a soap opera as the back drop!